Most people need an exam every 6 months. It is important to have regular exams to look for signs of early decay and catch fillings when they are small, rather than leaving them until they need bigger fillings or more complex treatments, such as root canals.

The dentist will also routinely check your gums as part of the examination in order to check for signs of gum disease.

Oral cancer is also screened for all as part of your exam. Any treatment needed is then devised in a plan and explained with different treatment options available.

Simple treatments or a scale and polish can often also be carried out on the examination appointment, whereas more complex and lengthy treatments are re-booked on a subsequent appointment.

The staff at Welland Vale appreciate that many patients are nervous when coming to the dentist. Our friendly and calming environment, as well as years of experience will help to make your visit an enjoyable experience.

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